Wedding Marquees

Our founder David and wife Bronwyn both wanted a truly magical celebration of their love and marriage. It was extremely important to them that their guests felt and experienced this genuine passion, every element of the wedding had to be perfect! This vision along with the skills and generosity of their friends and family allowed them to have a wedding like no other….. night turned to day, and dancing under the Tipi drew to a close but the stories are still told today.

This vision is as clear at KåtaLane today as it was at Dave and Bron’s Tipi wedding back in 2011. Click here for a glimpse of their remote island Kåta love celebrations.


Weddings are now the number one use for our Kåtas and so there really is not much we don’t know about creating a unique and bespoke experience for you and your guests under our canvas and wood.

We have worked with some amazing stylists and planners in the past so if you do manage to find a question where we don’t have the answer, we certainly know  where the people are who will have the answer.

The Kåtas truly give you a level of design input that is not possible with other run-of-the-mill marquees.

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