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Wedding tipi hire: It’s business and it’s personal.

KataLane founder David and wife Bronwyn Lavelle were married in 2011 in Ireland. Their desire for a visually stunning yet functional outdoor structure led them on a global hunt – the result of which was the discovery of the breathtaking and weatherproof tipi-style Kåta marquees from Scandinavia.

The magical ambiance of their wedding day was in no small part due to the beautiful event space, and Dave realised Australians were missing out on wedding tipi hire, despite them being perfectly suited to the antipodean environment. He imported their first Kåta marquee to Australia in 2012.

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A few years later, to answer the diverse needs of their clients, they imported the classic American Hamptons-style sailcloth marquees, which feature dramatic sculpted peaks and a signature nautical flair.

Today, KataLane continues to innovate and expand, harnessing Dave’s background in furniture design and woodworking to offer bespoke hardwood furniture for hire. Similarly, Bronwyn’s one-of-a-kind artworks from her own fashion print studio adorn KataLane’s custom-designed furniture and accessories.

Bronwyn and Dave live on the Northern Beaches with their three daughters, Billie, Macy and baby Hazel.

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