Dreamy, romantic, magical, warm, inviting, unique, fun…

There are so many good reasons to say your “I dos” in winter. Here are some of them..

More flexibility / less stress

A winter wedding means more flexibility when choosing a date. Venues aren’t as booked up at this time of the year, so the chance of securing your preferred date is pretty darn good. Also, if the venue is not hosting other events directly before and after yours, there will be more leeway around your wedding start and finish times, easing the pressure for everyone.


Choosing a winter wedding gives you more bargaining power with your venue and suppliers, as they will be less busy and more likely to offer discounted rates. Also (outside of Australian school holidays), travel and accommodation options for you and your guests will be cheaper – obviously a HUGE plus when planning a wedding.

Availability and attention

You have a much better chance of getting your favourite venue, celebrant, photographer, makeup artist, florist, etc. on your chosen day.  You’ll also find that your suppliers are able to focus more of their attention on you, so that you get the wedding of your dreams.

Gorgeous winter light

Winter weddings often have the most beautiful photos due to the softer, more flattering light at this time of year. And because of the shorter days, your guests won’t be waiting around for you to return from your wedding party sunset photos – you can do them right then and there at the venue.

You’ll all look amazing

Long-sleeve wedding dress? Tick. Faux fur stoles, capes, jackets, cardigans, lace, sequins, velvet… there’s so much to love about winter fashion! And as suits were not made to be worn in the summer heat, the men will be so much more comfortable (and will thank you later…). On a side note, humidity and heat won’t be an issue, so there’s no reason to stress about frizzy hair and melting makeup.

Best for honeymoons

If you’re planning an overseas honeymoon, winter is a fantastic time to go. The weather in Asia and Europe is often best during the Australian winter, and provides couples with the perfect conditions for a warm overseas escape.

If you book well in advance and avoid the school holiday period, you can get a great deal. Plus, it’s the best time to take a sneaky little wedding anniversary trip, every year…

More fun

Your guests will be looking forward to your winter wedding and can really kick up their heels when they don’t have so many other events to go to, as they would in the spring and summer months. No wedding fatigue here!

Perfect weather for a feast

Serve your guests hearty, comfort food that will fill their bellies and keep them energised and satisfied well into the night. A signature warm cocktail and mulled wine won’t go astray either.


Cosy, romantic ambience

It’s so easy to create a dreamy atmosphere for you and your guests. Who doesn’t love the mesmerising allure of a crackling internal fire pit? It’s the perfect gathering point for guests, and a great opportunity to take candid pics.

Whatever your style – romantic, rustic, modern, traditional – this is the time and the place to bring in warm, rich tones and textures with blankets, cushions, candles, fairy lights, lanterns, wood, greenery…you name it. Let your imagination run wild.

Add a Katalane Marquee or Tipi

We can help you create the most memorable indoor / outdoor space for your special day. Our Kata Tipis (with sides down) provide a warm, inviting ambience, whilst our Hamptons Marquees can be constructed with clear sides for a ‘room with a view’.

We really do have endless options to turn your wedding into a winter wonderland, complete with internal fire pits, cosy space heaters, flameless candles, soft furnishings, rugs and warm, ambient lighting.

Katalane also provides flooring (so there’ll be no heels sinking into the grass) and a dance floor for your guests to party like it’s 1999.  

We are also offering a 20% discount from June – August, 2020!

The winter wedding of your dreams is just around the corner…