Believe it or not, special events don’t magically come together on their own! They actually require a lot of hard work from a dedicated team of people, to make sure everything is perfect, and there are no surprises on the day (except good ones).

Which is why we’d like you to meet the crew and get to know the people behind KataLane. We think they’re a pretty great bunch.  Introducing our Logistics Manager, Nicolas Urien.

Esperance, Western Australia (Image Javier Miguens)
Byron Bay, NSW (Image Javier Miguens)
La familia
La familia
Northern Beaches, NSW (Image Javier Miguens)
La familia
Byron Bay, NSW (Image Javier Miguens)
Byron Bay, NSW
Esperance, Western Australia (Image @javmiguens)
Esperance, Western Australia (Image @javmiguens)
Hunter Valley, NSW
The Crew! Blackheath, NSW
The Crew! Hunter Valley, NSW
Nico and Matias @dreamcatcher22ft
Where you'll find Nico! @dreamcatcher22ft
Nico and Matias @dreamcatcher22ft

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and family?

Hello everyone, my name is Nico, and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived there with my brother Ricardo, sister Delfina, and my mother. We are all really close. My mother is a big traveller and she inspired us to do the same; my brother lives in Portugal, and my sister spends a couple of months of the year in the USA. As soon as I finished my degree in Business Administration, I decided to come to Australia and see the world by myself. I really enjoyed my life in Argentina, and I miss my family and friends, but I do love living so close to the beach in Australia. It’s the main reason I first came here and probably one of the main reasons I’m still here now.

How did you come to work for KataLane?

A month after I first arrived in Sydney, one of my friends was leaving Australia. He had been working for KataLane for a while, so before leaving, he recommended me for the available position and that’s how I joined the team. That was back in 2016, and here I am!  

Can you describe a typical set up day at work?

We usually get all the trailers and trucks ready for each event a day or two before set up. The set up day is different for every event, depending on how big the event is, and how far away. Most times we drive around 2-3 hours to each place, leaving the warehouse between 5:30-6am to avoid the Sydney traffic. Once the crew is on site, we go through the positioning of the tents and all the bits and pieces with whoever is in charge, and then we get into it. After a big day of physically demanding work, we make sure everything is as planned and looking perfect as the KataLane standards demand, and then drive back to the warehouse. And that’s the end of another KataLane day.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I really enjoy driving to (not in traffic though, haha) and seeing the beautiful places I wouldn’t normally see if it wasn’t for my job. After almost 4 years, I still find new places that really catch my attention, with so much wilderness and nature to explore.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love spending time at the beach surfing, kitesurfing or just chilling with friends, so that’s what I mostly do. Gathering with my friends for an Argentinian BBQ is also special, and I love when that happens (pre-Covid times!). Some BBQ’s have been at KataLane HQ and they’re great; it’s so nice to share our culture with our work friends.

We hear you are a big traveller… Do you have a favourite country and can you tell us why you love it?

That’s a hard one. I don’t think I really have an answer, but I can tell you that what I most like about travelling is meeting new people. When travelling, I am totally open to interact with people I don’t know and hear their stories. I also get a lot of help from people and those small acts really make my travels. From their stories and their different cultures, I’ve learnt a lot and they from me.

We also know that you’re a sailor! How did your sailing trip on Dreamcatcher come about? (Follow Nico’s adventures on Instagram @dreamcatcher22ft!)

I’ve been sailing before in Argentina, but never something so big and adventurous like this. Everything happened really casually. My friend Matias bought this boat in Sydney in February and was getting it ready for his big journey travelling the east coast. Due to Covid, I happened to have some spare time, so when he left he invited me to join him, I did! Now, after two months and almost 1000 nautical miles, we are near the Whitsundays. It’s probably been one of my biggest adventures; lots of new knowledge, self-knowledge, discovering lots of remote places and getting to know some great and interesting people of the sea. I really encourage people who love the ocean and nature to go for a big sailing trip at some point in their lives. 

Using only 3 words, how would you describe yourself?

Friendly, funny and positive.

Do you have a motto to live life by?

It’s not something I really have, but if I had to, I’d say, “Only solutions”. We use this a lot at KataLane when issues come up and I also like to use this for life, always being positive and just looking forward.

If you had a crystal ball to look into your future, what do you think you might see?

I hope I see myself enjoying life like I’m doing now, surrounded by friends and family and always looking forward to new travels, new people to meet, new places to see and new adventures to begin!!


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