We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…. We love our KataLane team. They go above and beyond to make sure that every event we work on runs as smooth as silk and looks A-OK. In our ‘Behind the Events’ series, we invite you to meet the crew and get to know the people that make KataLane tick. 

Please say hi to our Content Creator, Javi Miguens.

Image Javi Miguens
Image Javi Miguens
Javi in Esperance, Western Australia
Image Javi Miguens
Image Javi Miguens
Image Javi Miguens
Image Javi Miguens - Javi + Nico road tripping in Western Australia.
Image Javi Miguens
Image Javi Miguens
Image Javi Miguens
Image Javi Miguens
Image Javi Miguens

Hi Javi! We know you were born in Argentina; what was it like growing up there? 

I was lucky to grow up with a nice family and a great group of friends in Buenos Aires. The culture there is similar to the European way of life, mixed with Latin American passion and warmth. Argentinian society has prepared us to deal with life’s challenges, and I think this is something I greatly appreciate now from afar. Also very important in our culture is football (soccer), barbecues and family!

You and (fellow KataLane crew member) Nico are great friends… Can you tell us how you met? 

Nico and I went to the same school for 12 years and are part of the same group of friends. We play rugby and football, have travelled and shared many good times together over the yers. After finishing university, we decided to go to Australia for an experience. We planned to work for a while and then travel around the country, which is exactly what we did.

What did you study at University? Did you work in this industry afterwards?

Institutional and Advertising Communications and afterwards, Ads Creativity. I worked in different industries until I discovered my passion for photography and videography. Creating is one of the things I love. 

When did you arrive in Australia? Were you expecting to stay?

Four years ago when backpacking, and then I came back again 2 years ago to settle down and work. Being far from home always brings an “evaluation” moment after every year – so far so good, but I would say all doors are open. 

How did you meet Dave and come to work at KataLane?

I met Dave on my first year here when Nico started working for him. I remember doing one job after I’d just bought my first drone, so I became the drone guy! I cleaned the Airbnb house we were staying in pretty well, so Dave nicknamed me “The Wolf” (like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction). 

How would you describe your job? What’s an example of a typical day at KataLane?

Nowadays, a typical day would be at the office working with Fiona going over any marketing aspect of the business, Dave is always coming and going and Nico is always being a handyman.

I’d say I do many things at Kata – from design, to campaign planning, to ‘behind the events’ set ups when it’s needed. 

You’ve travelled extensively in Australia – is there one place that stands out, and why?

Queens Head in Crescent Head, NSW, is one of my fave spots – every time I travel to the area, I go to this headland. It’s very quiet most of the time, with a positive energy (and nice waves!). It’s similar to many places in Australia, but it’s one of the few beaches in the area with north wind protection. I discovered it when traveling with friends, and it has a strong emotional meaning for me. Australia is incredible, I can definitely say that.

We hear you’re an avid surfer and surf photographer. What do you love about these passions of yours?

Well, I love everything about surfing, but that doesn’t mean that I’m a good surfer! I love the strong link to nature, which is also why I enjoy watching and shooting it… but it can be hard to take the time to shoot when you enjoy the sport so much! Surfing gives me a disconnection from technology, and a strong connection to nature and the present time. (Check out Javi’s latest business venture Simpl. Fins – premium fins for everyday surfers!)

Using only 3 words, how would you describe yourself?

Passionate, creative and helpful.  

Do you have a motto to live life by?

Mmm, not really. But one of the things I always think about is the importance of enjoying my life, doing the things I like and not letting the time pass, giving priority to every day. 

If you had a crystal ball to look into your future, what do you think you might see?

I hope I am enjoying every day no matter what I do for a living, and always surrounded by good friends.

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